A unique team

Blue Heart Energy

Blue Heart Energy, founded in 2016, is a group of passionate individuals for sustainable technology from many different backgrounds and specialisations, who have combined forces to make the world a better place. Blue Heart is the solution for 100% clean heating and cooling. A revolution.

We believe technology only exists, expands and succeeds through the driving force of people.

Our mission would not be possible without the special partnership with TNO. Together we will change the planet.

Our Newest Employees!

Salah-Eddine Moussa

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer focused on sustainable energy with 3+ years experience in maintenance operations.

Robert-Jan Goorhuis

Project Manager

Mechanical engineer with 10+ years experience in multi-disciplinary systems engineering and project management.

Michael Timmer


Thermal engineer with a PhD and 6+ years R&D experience in thermoacoustics technology

Our Team

Michiel Hartman

CEO and Co-founder

Civil engineer with 15+ years experience in building industry and entrepreneurship.

Haico Halbesma


Business economics degree with experience in launching several successful start ups over 15+ years

Roelof Schuitema

Chief Technical Officer

Degree in applied physics with over 20+ years experience in R&D for the renewable industry

Andries Tip

Senior Engineer

15+ years experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, software, automation, and instrumentation design.

Matthijs van Someren

Project Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with 9+ years experience in engineering design, R&D and project management.

Bas Vosbergen

Project Engineer

Mechanical engineer with over 11+ years experience in product engineering in the renewable industry.

Gary O'Reilly

Project Engineer

Mechanical engineer with 8+ years international experience in R&D, procurement and project management.

Jesse van der Kolk

R&D Engineer

Degree in Physics & Astro-Physics with experience working in projects such as CERN.

David Rodés

International Business Developer

Civil engineer with 20+ years experience in general management, sales, marketing, and mergers & acquisitions.

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