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Frequently asked questions

A heat pump equipped with Blue Heart technology will be:

  • HFC free
  • Silent
  • Capable of working with every heat source (air, water, geothermal…)
  • Suitable for space and water heating
  • More efficient, hence with lower operational costs
  • Simpler, requiring less maintenance

Our technology has already been proven, and we are currently working on our mass production unit, that is expected to reach the market by the end of 2022.

Blue Heart has been developed to be the engine inside every heat pump, replacing its core component and turning them into clean and more efficient devices. We will publish in 2022 the brands that will be selling “Blue Heart inside” enhanced heat pumps.

Just like Intel processors to computers, Blue Heart will be a core component to heat pumps, and hence will not have a retail price. However, we expect to bring significant value for end users by generating additional efficiency as well as by notably reducing the complexity of heat pumps.

It is adequate for both. Blue Heart can deliver a wide temperature range, including high temperatures. Hence, it can efficiently provide heating without requiring insulation works in the home.

We are testing in real environment with our launching customers and big corporations, that are also providing us with valuable feedback to keep on improving. Therefore, we do not test on private houses of individuals.

Depends on the type of house. Blue Heart is expected to enhance the performance of heat pumps and turn them into the most efficient in the market. This will be accomplished by combining a very flexible source input together with an also flexible and high-temperature output.

Not right now. However, we are always keeping an eye out for great candidates. Therefore, please feel free to send us your CV.

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