Technology for a better planet

Benefits of our technology..


Blue Heart Energy uses non-toxic gas. We use helium with zero carbon footprint. As the EU phase out refrigerants, our heat pump will be future proof.

100% Uptime

Traditional heat pumps are on/off systems with resting time. Blue Heart Energy has 100% operational uptime, when you need us, we’re there.

Full Control

Conventional heat pumps are designed to operate for certain temperatures. Blue Heart Energy operates at every temperature range required


Blue Heart Energy is 20%+ more efficient at lower temperatures and 50%+ more efficient at higher temperatures over current heat pumps.

Maintenance Free

Conventional heat pumps require periodic servicing and maintenance. Blue Heart Energy has only 2 moving parts. This means long lifetime efficiency.


One of the main complaints regarding heat pumps is the level of noise pollution. Blue Heart Energy heat pumps technology reduces noise levels by over 50%.

The journey so far..

After several years of research and development, TNO developed a revolutionary technology to transmit heat energy by means of a thermoacoustic wave. The “loop” they built, requires no HFC refrigerants and has unparalleled efficiency.

Leveraging the TNO development, Blue Heart created a prototype that included the necessary hardware and software components to control the thermoacoustic wave which can be embedded in every heat pump as it’s heating/cooling engine.

Currently, Blue Heart is working in the production at scale of a product that will not only revolutionise the heat pump market, but the entire climate industry. The future of cooling and heating will see an unprecedented efficiency and will be 100% green energy. 

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